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Sustainable Stories

The Ecology blanket by Dugdale

The Ecology blanket has been fashioned from classic patterns in the Ecology collection, the latest in our Modern Heritage range.
3rd Aug 2020
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Sustainable Stories  The Ecology blanket by Dugdale

The Modern Heritage range is a celebration of Dugdale’s rich Yorkshire history, consisting of collections which adopt traditional techniques to produce premium, quality cloth.

Made from 100% British wool, Ecology is naturally insulating and durable, offering a stylish and comforting blanket. Presenting a range of neutral tones in timeless styles, the Ecology blanket is an ideal accessory for numerous modern day uses.

It is ideal for wrapping up on a chilly Autumn evening or hosting a summer picnic in the English countryside. You can also bring true British style into your home by using your blanket as a throw - an idyllic accompaniment for fashionably muted interior design.

Free from artificial dyes and harmful scouring agents, this collection preserves the elements and colourings of the wool. This leaves natural shade variations between batches, giving a true uniqueness to every piece.

As with the rest of the Ecology collection, each blanket has been scoured, spun, woven and finished within a 10 mile radius of Huddersfield. This locality helps us produce with virtually no carbon footprint, while ensuring we maintain the quality we have for more than a century.