Tell your brand stories to 24,000 people

Walpole’s content programme and Daily Luxury Digest is designed to provide all members with the opportunity to amplify their business projects and initiatives.

We want to tell the stories of the people behind the brands, to highlight your luxury products, services, campaigns and collaboration opportunities – to an audience of over 24,000. We have many ways in which you, your brand and your team can be involved.

Published in our Daily Luxury Digest, and shared on our website and social media platforms, the programme also includes an invaluable edit of the day’s important news in luxury and a Walpole story, helping us put British luxury at the front of the agenda.

Daily Luxury Digest

The essential early morning briefing for luxury professionals, the Daily Digest is a digital round up of key luxury news, interviews and events from the past 24 hours.

Arriving in inboxes first thing each day, it showcases members’ latest activities, profiling luxury executives from across the sector and shining a light on brands’ most recent innovations. Current international luxury news stories and updates from Walpole are also shared in this industry-leading daily service.

Walpole social media and

This content is also hosted on Walpole’s website,, and across our social media platforms on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, with a combined reach of over 24,000 subscribers and followers.

There are multiple opportunities for members to get involved in the Content Programme:


Life in Luxury – an interview with a Walpole member exploring their working life and examining what makes the sector and its people tick.
Brand Snapshot – A news piece about what’s hot and happening right now.
Member of the Week – A profile of members featured in the Walpole Book of British Luxury
Five Minutes with the Founder – an interview with a current Brand of Tomorrow founder.
Woman in Luxury – Business and career advice from the women in Walpole’s membership.
Luxury Leader (formerly My Life’s Work) – CEO/MD-level profile opportunity.
The Pitch – an opportunity for Media Members (and relevant others) to profile their publication and present partnership/sponsorship opportunities in an engaging way.
Strategic Partner Profile – an advertorial-style feature for Strategic Partner and Sponsors to present their services and discuss how they work with luxury brands and Walpole.
Strategic Partner Insights – in depth advice from a brand on their area of expertise, which positions the partner as an authority on the subject
Walpole Collaborations – A focus on Walpole members who have come together to create a special event, offer or news/PR moment
Seasonal takeovers
– content themed around external and Walpole events.


Guidelines for all content pieces can be downloaded here. All of the features can be completed via email for ease. Return your copy and image(s) to

Please note: All submitted content will run at Walpole’s discretion and must meet our editorial guidelines.