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e New Rules | Rapport London

As we try to navigate through a 'new normal' way of life, luxury watch and leather accessories brand Rapport has adapted and grown during these times of uncertainty: from launching their brand new website to sharing their 'new rules' for luxury marketing, post-pandemic.
17th Aug 2020
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 e New Rules | Rapport London
How has your approach to marketing evolved following the Covid-19 outbreak?

We relied heavily on data-driven insights to adjust our marketing strategies and track our rapidly changing consumer behaviours. This allowed us to tap into what our consumers want now and build better relationships. The ecommerce side of our business was not badly affected and we were able to work with our physical retailers to help them venture online. We felt it was important to show empathy to the situation coming up with practical ways of marketing instead of harder selling techniques that customers would expect during these challenging times.

We spent time on bettering our content - on social media, on ads, and our website. We ensured our content was portraying the correct message at the time by updating it constantly as the world changed around us.

New Website launch

As we try to navigate through a “new normal” way of life, we at Rapport have adapted and grown through a period of uncertainty. Last month saw the launch of our new website. We’ve been using our lockdown time to our advantage in making sure we deliver a website with a reassuringly British luxury experience. We have ensured that our imagery will impress visitors with our products, by showing them in the best possible light, with high quality images and copy and by providing the best possible service for customers, during and after purchase.

We have continued to build on our foundation from the rich history of the brand, and to provide a website with an unflawed usability experience that enhances the customer experience. We hope to welcome many more visitors online!

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Rapport features as part of our focus on how the UK's luxury brands are adapting their marketing and communications in the wake of Covid-19, as we look forward to September's Festival of Luxury Marketing. Secure your tickets here.