The Power List | Game-Changers | Kathryn Sargent, Founder, Kathryn Sargent

In today’s Power List profile, Kathryn Sargent, the first female Head Cutter in the history of Savile Row and founder of her eponymous tailoring house, shares what it’s like to create a business out of a love for British tailoring and craftsmanship…

How important is it to disrupt the sector?

It is not about disruption it is really more about being an integral part of the next generation of Savile Row tailors and helping to define what Savile Row Bespoke tailoring is for the future. I created a business out of my love for making for the individual with true British bespoke craft but my approach is open, less stuffy, less masculine, more feminine, more me. By doing this it wasn’t just about shaking things up, I wanted to share and promote a new (my) way of working which is certainly different to the ancient historical tailoring houses.

What fuels your energy and ambition?

My passion for tailoring fuelled my ambition to train to become a super skilled tailor. I am naturally curious and am constantly learning and expanding my skills, but since starting the business my energy really comes from my clients, I love to help them and truly collaborate with them to define and create what they need to provide a personal service and create beautiful pieces for them.

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