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Bring Spring into your home with FLOWERBX

This Spring somehow feels even more glorious than usual: on my daily jaunt through the local park, the scent of lilacs, the breeze blowing a snow of cherry blossom down onto the pavement and the bursting promise of buds on the flowering horse chestnuts make my spirits soar. With the weather forecast set fair all this week, but with time outdoors necessarily limited, garlanding the house with armfuls of spring flowers is a way to keep the joy and beauty of nature close to home, and to remind oneself that, as inevitably as Summer follows Spring, better times will come. 
20th Apr 2020
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The Walpole Daily Practice  Bring Spring into your home with FLOWERBX

I asked FLOWERBX founder, Whitney Bromberg-Hawkins for her favourite mood-boosting spring flowers - “Peonies are hands down the most beautiful of all of the seasonal blooms right now,” she says,  “followed by sweet peas, which are a close second.” Being fond of scented flowers, I’d add Maiden’s Blush lilac or Lily of the Valley, which always reminds me of Diorissimo. Whichever you choose, follow Whitney’s brilliant tips for making them last even longer when they arrive:

1. Ensure the vase is sparkling clean. Any dirt in the water will cause bacteria to grow and will shorten the vase life of the flowers.

2. Fill the vase with fresh, lukewarm water. Add flower food and stir until it is fully dissolved. If you don’t have flower food to hand, a bleach tablet can help to keep the water clean and keep the flowers fresh for longer. 

3. Opt for seasonal flowers as they will always be the best quality and value. We think single variety bunches always look best but if you prefer a mix, then keep it tonal for a failsafe arrangement. 

4. Remove any foliage that will be below the waterline and arrange the flowers as a bunch in your hand, keeping all of the stems facing the same direction. 

5. Once you’re happy with the overall shape, trim the flower stems to the desired height to suit the vase. Always cut the stems on a 45 degree angle to allow maximum water absorption. 

6. Place the flowers in the vase and allow the stems to relax into place, leaving space for each flower head to open. 

 7. To get the best out of your flowers, change the water and trim the stems a little every few days to prolong the flowers’ life. 

8. Enjoy! When the flowers fade, place the remains in your green waste bin or garden compost heap. If some flowers last longer than others, trim them down and arrange in small bud vases to place on a mantelpiece or bathroom counter to get the most out of your blooms.