The Walpole Daily Practice | Home Office Inspiration with Farrow & Ball

Since WFH began, the whole house has been carved up into separate little nation states to keep the peace. At the beginning, daily skirmishes broke out as the family encroached on each other’s territories, and lines had to be drawn before we had to call the UN to intervene.

My home office, where I now spend so much of my time, isn’t the book-lined study of my dreams, but one end of a bedroom and it’s become my mission to make it as conducive to work as possible. As Farrow & Ball say, ‘whatever space you have to work with, it’s more important than ever to make it one you feel good spending time in’ and I’ve been following the Farrow & Ball tips for creating a work-space that can encourage focus and clear-headedness, while still unmistakably feeling like part of my home.

There are some wonderful ideas from Farrow & Ball here. Do send images of your #homeoffice to and we will include them on our Instagram stories.