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The Walpole Power List 2020

The Custodians: Jocelyn Wilkinson, Responsibility Programme Director, Burberry

Jocelyn Wilkinson is responsible for the implementation of Burberry's five-year responsibility strategy, overseeing the continued evolution of Burberry’s programmes. In today's Power List profile, in association with Investec, Jocelyn discusses why she believes she was named as one of the 50 Most Influential People in British Luxury, as well as providing an update on Burberry's progress towards its 2022 social and environmental goals.
17th Nov 2020
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The Walpole Power List 2020   The Custodians: Jocelyn Wilkinson, Responsibility Programme Director, Burberry

In 2017, Burberry launched a new five-year responsibility strategy covering its corporate and philanthropic activities. Sitting across Burberry’s entire footprint, the strategy is designed to drive positive change and build a more sustainable future with goals for 2022. Working closely with Burberry’s global team of in-house sustainability experts, Jocelyn is responsible for the implementation of this strategy, overseeing the continued evolution of Burberry’s programmes. Prior to joining Burberry in 2009, Jocelyn held roles in production management, customer engagement and commercial development at a small luxury clothing brand. Jocelyn holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Sustainable Business Leadership from the University of Cambridge and an MSc Globalisation and Development from SOAS University of London.

What does it mean to you to be named a Walpole 2020 Power List winner?

I am thrilled to be recognised as a Walpole 2020 Power List winner, not least because the recognition speaks to the British luxury industry’s sharpening focus on sustainability. At Burberry, we value the power of collaborations to drive meaningful change in the industry, and our work with Walpole in supporting their British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto is a fundamental part of that.

Why do you think you were named on the List this year?

This year, Burberry has made real progress against its social and environmental goals to 2022, particularly around the sourcing of more sustainable cotton, achieving tannery certifications and supporting communities globally. I am proud of the contribution the team and I have made to this, as well as the work we have done to partner with the wider industry to drive positive change. This has meant sharing insights and best practice with business partners and working closely with organisations such as Walpole to find scalable, long term solutions.
Read the brochure here: Power List 2020 Brochure.
Sustainability is a key focus for Walpole during 2020: we unveiled our British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto in January, and our Working Groups bring together 50 of Walpole's members - all of whom are Signatories of the Manifesto - to discuss how we can become a world leader in sustainability. Click the links above to find out more.

Sustainable Stories | Burberry's Afghanistan Cashmere Programme

The Burberry Foundation, in partnership with Oxfam and PUR Projet, is developing a more inclusive, sustainable and resilient cashmere industry in Afghanistan. ​The five-year programme is focused on helping herders enhance their livelihoods and creating a prosperous local supply chain to benefit the community in the long term. Hand in hand with local communities, the programme is educating and empowering herders to realise the benefits of cashmere fibre, and promoting sustained and sustainable economic growth.

To celebrate reaching the half-way point of the cashmere programme, The Burberry Foundation commissioned photojournalist Joël Van Houdt to document its work in Afghanistan. Featuring interviews with herders and beneficiaries of the programme, the short film shines a light on the challenges faced by local communities and the progress that is being made by the programme in creating a more resilient, inclusive and sustainable cashmere industry.

Burberry is a Founding Signatory of the Walpole British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto. Images from the Afghanistan project were previewed at the Walpole Summit in early February, when Jocelyn Wilkinson discussed sustainable cashmere with Johnston of Elgin's Simon Cotton and Sam Conti, London Bureau Chief, WWD.