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The Walpole Power List 2020

The Custodians: Melissa Mullen, Vice President, General Manager UK & IR, Jo Malone London

We begin our Power 50 profiles with a focus on the List's Custodians: those individuals who have progressed their brand’s sustainability goals during a particularly difficult year - in the week we also begin our next round of Sustainability Working Groups. First up, we spoke to Melissa Mullen, the VP and GM UK & IR at Jo Malone London. Read on to discover why Melissa has been named one of 2020's Most Influential People in British Luxury....
15th Nov 2020
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The Walpole Power List 2020  The Custodians: Melissa Mullen, Vice President, General Manager UK & IR, Jo Malone London

What does it mean to you to be named a Walpole 2020 Power List winner?

As a relatively new member of the British luxury sector, to be recognised is both an incredible honour and an immensely humbling experience. I am deeply passionate about being part of the most revolutionary time in retail most of us have known, or indeed will ever know, and I truly believe we should approach this in a way that our consumers, teams and those who will succeed us can be proud of. My sincere hope is that this accomplishment serves as further fuel for my team, inspiring them to continue pushing boundaries fearlessly, whilst doing so with care and consideration for each other, our consumer and our beautiful brand.

Why do you think you were named on the List this year?

I completely appreciate that given the brand’s recent performance, I may have been awarded this accolade for business accomplishments including the development of a successful long-term, sustainable business model that has transformed the digital business for Jo Malone London UK. However, deeply believing in the power of people and the transformative effect it can have on a business, communities and consumers, I hope that this triumph is in fact attributed to my people-centric approach inclusive of our charitable partnerships and committed CSR efforts.
Read the brochure here: Power List 2020 Brochure.
Sustainability is a key focus for Walpole during 2020: we unveiled our British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto in January, and our Working Groups bring together 50 of Walpole's members - all of whom are Signatories of the Manifesto - to discuss how we can become a world leader in sustainability. Click the links above to find out more.