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The Walpole Power List 2020

The Legends: Anthony Romano, CEO, Church's

Last - but certainly not least - to be interviewed as part of our week-long focus on our Walpole Power List Legends is Anthony Romano. Anthony is CEO of the famed 400-year-old shoemakers Church's, and here he shares with us how being named a Walpole Power List winner himself is most important because it also recognises the outstanding achievement of everyone he works with at Church’s. Read on for more from today's Power List profile, in association with Investec.
26th Nov 2020
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The Walpole Power List 2020  The Legends: Anthony Romano, CEO, Church's

Anthony Romano has had a varied and successful professional career spanning more than 30 years. He has held leading positions as a Chief Executive, Board Member or Investor in innovative start-ups to well-established heritage brands across the globe, in industries as diverse as Fashion and Luxury, Americas Cup Sailing, Tourism and Property to name a few. His current role as Chief Executive of Church & Co, a brand with more than 400 years of shoemaking history, has resulted in many changes to the heritage brand's business model. His goal is to continue innovating the company, making Church a key player in the Fashion and Luxury world, and a highly relevant brand across a wide customer group and ensuring its continued success for years to come.

What does it mean to you to be named a Walpole 2020 Power List winner, and why do you think you were named on the List this year?

It is a privilege and honour to be named a Walpole 2020 Power List winner. I have tremendous amounts of respect for the Walpole organisation and the achievements they are making in the British luxury world.

To be named a Power List winner is to also recognise the work of everyone at Church’s. Church’s stands strong and proud on its foundations; the factory in Northampton, its heritage, its international flag of British luxury and its ability to innovate. Church's uses these foundations to evolve and look to the future, opening up to both men and women across all age groups. The year has been challenging but immense strides have been made in improving all aspects of the business. From establishing successful process improvement and developing new products in our factory in Northampton,  to making big advances in IT and digital developments. This year we have also introduced an ambitious sustainability program, as well as continuing our contributions to the local community and evolving our refreshed marketing message. I am proud of everyone at Church's and what they have achieved. 2020 has been a difficult time for everyone professionally and personally, but the Church's team have stayed strong and it is the team which has provided the “power” to maintain us for years to come.