Walpole and Redrice Ventures announce new strategic partnership

In advance of the launch of the 2020 Brands of Tomorrow on 27th February, Walpole is delighted to announce that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Redrice Ventures to further help early stage high-end brands get to the next stage of their development with regard to investment.
12th Feb 2020
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Walpole and Redrice Ventures announce new strategic partnership

Walpole’s 2016 report with McKinsey & Company identified that access to the right kind of investment is one of the key growth drivers for early stage companies and to continue its work to help new high-end brands get to the next phase of development, Walpole has entered into a strategic partnership with recently established investment firm, Redrice Ventures to provide support to early stage British premium consumer brands and related technology companies.

Both Walpole and Redrice Ventures have deep expertise in the high-end consumer space, and understand the need for brands to balance new technologies with expert brand building in order to deliver sustainable long-term growth. Walpole's relationship with Redrice Ventures will help ambitious new entrepreneurs’ access capital and expert advice from the Redrice team, supported by the guidance and expertise of successful founders and senior luxury leaders from the Walpole network.

For Walpole, it was important that an intimate understanding of Walpole’s ethos as well as a deep knowledge and expertise in high end businesses was hardwired into the Redrice Ventures team. To that end, Jonathan Heilbron will move from his role as Chair of Brands of Tomorrow and on the Walpole board to take up a new role as a key member of Redrice Ventures.

In order to be eligible for investment, brands should typically have between £200k and £3m in revenue - investment may be available to eligible Walpole members and Walpole Brands of Tomorrow past and present, but is also open to non-Walpole members in the premium consumer and tech related space who fit the criteria.

Helping develop a strong pipeline of economic growth for the UK luxury sector has long been a Walpole mission and the new relationship with Redrice Ventures will play an exciting part in taking that to the next level.

If you would like to know more about the work and the vision, or to enquire further about collaboration, please do drop Tom March, Redrice’s founding partner, a line at [email protected] or contact Jonathan Heilbron at [email protected].

Image: Courtesy of Castore, Brand of Tomorrow 2018