Walpole announces new partnership with Careers and Enterprise

One of the challenges to sustain the continued growth of the British luxury sector is ensuring the right access to talent. This access begins at a very young age, with a need to encourage those at school-age to consider craftsmanship and apprenticeships within the luxury sector as a viable career path.


Walpole recognises there is a perception amongst younger talent that, in the digital age, luxury is somewhat behind with technology, and, particularly in reference to ‘making’, working with your hands has been devalued. In addition, the drive to send young people to university has overridden desire and demand for hands-on vocational training. But for Walpole’s members – Britain’s finest luxury brands – engaging with young people, and ensuring jobs in luxury and making are appealing to this demographic, is a consistent priority for everyone regardless of their particular sector.

As a result, Walpole is thrilled to announce a new partnership with the Careers and Enterprise Company. This pioneering service was set up by government in 2015 to inspire and prepare young people for the fast-changing world of work. A key part of their role is to be the national network that connects schools and colleges, employers and career providers to create future opportunities for young people and make the all-important link between our schools and our businesses.

Walpole’s partnership with the Careers & Enterprise Company will promote the idea of a job in the luxury sector, as well as craftsmanship opportunities in schools and colleges across the country. We are excited about the potential of combining the passion, knowledge and opportunities of our member companies with the Careers and Enterprise nationwide network, to encourage young people to think about the wealth of career paths and experiences that are available.

Next steps

Walpole will officially begin our collaboration with Careers & Enterprise at a member workshop in the first quarter of next year for our members to meet the team, followed by the beginning of our activity programme in spring. For more infomation ahead of this launch, please contact Charlotte Keesing.