Walpole Collaborations | Noble Isle x Jing Tea

We love it when Walpole members work together – today we look at the partnership between luxury bathing brand Noble Isle and Jing Tea, a specialist in luxury tea, who have partnered on Noble Isle’s Tea Rose collection.

Noble Isle’s Tea Rose range is inspired by the quintessentially English tradition of taking afternoon tea and uses Keemun tea leaves sourced exclusively from the highly prestigious JING Tea – a specialist in luxury tea, supplying 5-star hotels and retailers around the world.

JING Tea is the tea brand of choice for over 90 Michelin starred restaurants worldwide. Edward Eisler founded JING Tea in 2004 after becoming fascinated by the unique history of tea in China and throughout Asia, developing a lasting desire to translate the principles of this ancient culture for a modern world.

Noble Isle specifically uses JING’s Keemun Black Tea leaves in their Tea Rose range for its fresh and harmonious aroma. Light and lively in taste, with malty and refreshing floral tones, this tea is traditionally made using high-quality dried leaves grown in the Anhui province in China. Anhui is home to the famous and stunning Huang Shan mountain range, which shelters the tea-producing areas in a moist microcosm of swirling mists and gentle showers. As well as its fragrant qualities, Black Tea leaves are also rich in tannins and polyphenols to soothe and protect the skin.

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