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The United States suspend retaliatory tariffs on UK luxury for four months

Walpole welcomes the joint announcement from the new US administration and the UK Government that the US will suspend retaliatory tariffs of 25% imposed on single-malt whisky, cashmere, wool, tailoring, and bed linen products for four months.
4th Mar 2021
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Walpole Comment The United States suspend retaliatory tariffs on UK luxury for four months

The announcement states that the tariff suspension will ease the burden on industry and signals that the US and UK are taking a bold, joint step towards resolving the longest running disputes at the World Trade Organization. The impact of the long-standing Boeing / Airbus trade dispute has negatively affected businesses and jobs on both sides of the Atlantic.

Washington had previously raised the import tariff on certain high-end goods from Europe to 25%, hitting UK and EU luxury businesses hard and in retaliation for subsidies paid to manufacture the Airbus fleet of planes.

The 25% tariff on sweet biscuits, including shortbread, was abolished in September 2020 by Robert Lighthizer, the previous US Trade Representative (USTR), following his last review of the tariffs.

“News that the US tariffs on single-malt whisky, cashmere wool, tailoring and bed linen products have been suspended for four months is very welcome. Globally famous brands like dunhill, Glenfiddich whisky, Hendrick’s Gin, Johnstons of Elgin and Peter Reed have helped create a ‘jewel in the crown’ luxury sector that was growing at nearly 10% each year before the pandemic, worth £48 billion to the UK economy. The impacts of the tariffs on British luxury businesses have been disproportionate and resulted from a dispute not of our sector’s making.”

She added, “Walpole fought in every corner to get these tariffs abolished and welcomed Liz Truss’ support and mediation on the sector’s behalf. This suspension is a very welcome relief and, hopefully, signals that our Government and the new US administration will break new ground with a speedy free-trade agreement. It’s imperative that both sides are now successful in reaching a negotiated settlement resulting in the permanent removal of the tariffs. A much-needed intervention as the British luxury sector recovers from the pandemic.”

Helen Brocklebank, Walpole CEO