Walpole Festival of Marketing | Sustainability and Purpose Day, in Association with The Planet Mark

Decades of research shows that the best companies in the world are purpose-led brands which outperform competitors in the long-run. In their longevity alone, many Walpole group members exemplify sustainable business, and we are thrilled to see them bring their customary high standards to bear on the topics of purpose and sustainability.

The Planet Mark is a sustainability certification that helps organisations authentically demonstrate continuous environmental and social improvements. We are helping businesses make ambitious commitments, take impactful action and tell their stories so that others follow suit.  The results have been both exciting and transformational with over 700 organisations engaged in the programme, and certified businesses achieving an average 14% reduction in carbon emissions per employee per year.

With Millenials and Generation Z consumers driving 85% of global luxury sales, their expectation for luxury brands to align with their values is becoming increasingly important. As such, high-end brands that want to continually position themselves as ethical and sustainable organisations are in a unique position to catalyse action. Once they have showcased what they are doing to change the world, they have a platform to invite their consumers to do the same.

At The Planet Mark, we see a world where organisations contribute to a thriving planet and together, we will make a world of difference. We are delighted to be partnering with The Walpole Group, and hope to support its members in promoting and protecting the sustainable future of British luxury. We hope you will join us in this Decade Of Action to end climate crisis and create social value for all.