Walpole & Rolls-Royce: Putting the Price on British Luxury

Walpole has revealed that Britain’s luxury sector is now worth £48 billion to the UK economy, with sales of luxury cars a significant part of this value. 

Reflecting this, Rolls-Royce Motor Cars had their best year in their 115-year history during 2018, selling 4,107 vehicles.

Walpole’s CEO Helen Brocklebank travelled to the home of Rolls-Royce – The Goodwood Estate – to meet Richard Carter, Director of Global Communications, to learn first-hand of this success, as well as the importance of authenticity, Britishness, and the launch of the all-new Cullinan SUV.

Read the full report into the value of British luxury here: Economic Impact Study report

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Public Affairs
Public Affairs
Walpole announces 49% growth for the British luxury sector in four years