Walpole Strategic Partner profile | Buffalo

Clever, elegant design is the hallmark of Studio Buffalo, whose creative concept and execution breathed renewed life into this year’s Walpole Book of British Luxury. We spoke with Buffalo’s Creative Director Neil Tookey, who has built a career on helping luxury brands communicate more creatively, on the inspiration behind the Book of Luxury and his best luxury for under a tenner…

About Buffalo

Buffalo is a London-based design consultancy that specialises in providing creative communications for premium and luxury brands. Creative Director Neil Tookey has spent a greater part of his career developing aesthetics that appeal to luxury consumers and those aspiring for similar status. Having enjoyed a successful career in design and branding agencies, Neil now provides a more bespoke, personal creative consultancy as Buffalo, calling on collaborators as needed to build tailored teams for his clients. His signature style is based on a passion for the craft and confident simplicity, with his intelligent ideas translated into elegant, impactful design. He is the creative force behind a host of notable campaigns and brand launches over the last two decades, and has helped brands as diverse as Aston Martin, Caprice Holdings, Jaeger-LeCoutltre and Wally Yachts communicate more creatively. Buffalo is also the designer of the Walpole Book of Luxury.

Inspiration behind the 2018 Book of Luxury (Yearbook)

“In 2017 we had the honour of being asked to work with Walpole to produce the 2018 Yearbook. Our concept for the Yearbook is to create a book that has clear structured and departmentalised content. A popular song needs a chorus, verse and bridge. A great novel or film can’t be ALL action – they need some suspense and expectation to break things up. We wanted to avoid a wall of noise. We wanted the Yearbook to feature changes of intensity and layout flexibility to allow for the reader to feel like the landscape is changing and experience an element of surprise when they turn the page.

“To help deliver this initiative, we used different paper stocks to clearly sign-post the different editorial sections and provide the tactile experience so important for emotional engagement in physical objects. The editorial is communicated on a flexible grids and imaginative ways of illustrating the stories.

“One of the key pagination decisions is the creation of a Luxury Index – this section forms an encyclopaedia of British luxury brands. Each brand has a DPS to communicate their ethos and product range. Each spread is image-heavy, with a generous use of white space and detailed typography. All this content is anchored on each spread by a recurring grid of information running vertically along the outside right-hand page.

“The final book is a weighty tome that reflects the highly appealing and innovative-thinking of the nation’s cleverest brands.”

Luxury under a tenner?

Since it’s Walpole I figured those luxuries for under £10 should be British. Here’s two sources of pleasure for under a tenner, take your pick…

Ocelot Chocolate
Ocelot are surely a future Walpole Brand of Tomorrow. An aesthetically-opinionated Edinburgh-based couple with a gift for imaginative flavour combos delivered in super-slick clever packaging. And for anyone that enjoys the tactile nature of beautiful packaging alongside the whimsical curiosity that it provokes then this product’s exterior is most definitely rewarding – and all that before you’ve even cracked it open and sampled the innovative flavour within! Luxuries for under a tenner will usually be a something that provides a little sensual pleasure rather than a status flag waving. A couple of squares of this every evening for a week will give one some cheap opulence.

Fletcher Moss Park by Matthew Halsall
Halsall is a Manchester-based trumpeter, composer, arranger and band-leader as well as being one of the rising stars of the buzzing UK jazz scene. His ambient music is sensual, thoughtful and thoroughly innovative. A late night in the studio is turned into a meditative treat with this heady-mix of harp, trumpet and snare. Light some candles, open a bottle of wine and stream or download this sumptuous, dreamy soundscape for under a tenner for a true aural reward.

Buffalo is designing the 2019 Walpole Book of Luxury; to book your place in the book please email Rosie Mason or click here to read the 2019 Walpole Yearbook Media Kit.
Find out more: studiobuffalo.com