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What's next for British politics? Fitzdares shows their hand...

Jeremy Corbyn and Boris neck and neck as next Prime Minister, but no chance of a second referendum? British luxury’s favourite bookmaker, Fitzdares, gives Walpole the odds. 
17th Jan 2019
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What's next for British politics? Fitzdares shows their hand...

The government may have survived yesterday’s vote of no confidence, tabled by Jeremy Corbyn, but private bookmakers Fitzdares, Walpole member and inaugural Brand of Tomorrow, is giving odds of 5/1 in favour of Jeremy Corbyn and the same for Boris Johnson being the UK’s next prime minister. But if you want to clean up, put your money on Jacob Rees-Mogg - Fitzdares is offering 20/1 on his getting the top job.

The defeat of May’s Brexit deal on Tuesday night appeared to raise the threat of crashing out of the EU to critical, but perhaps we should take heart from the slim odds offered by Fitzdares - it’s 1/4 on for leaving the EU without a deal before 1st April.

A note of caution for those in Westminster calling for a people’s vote: the odds suggest a second referendum is unlikely.

Those Fitzdares odds in full ...

Fitzdares Next Prime Minister market

5/1 Jeremy Corbyn

5/1 Boris Johnson

7/1 Sajid Javid

8/1 Dominic Raab

8/1 Jeremy Hunt

10/1 Michael Gove

10/1 David Lidington

20/1 Amber Rudd

20/1 Jacob Rees-Mogg

UK to Leave EU with No Brexit Deal before 1st April 2019

Yes - 5/2

No - 1/4

2nd EU referendum

Yes -  11/8

No - 8/15

As Fitzdares say, “Prices, like nerves, subject to fluctuation”.

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