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Work/Life Balance

Iain Beaumont, Director of Events, Cowdray

Today we meet Iain Beaumont, Director of Events at Cowdray, who shares his ambitions for the year ahead: launching Cowdray Catering, seeking out networking opportunities at Walpole events, and enjoying some downtime with Jake, his beloved lurcher.
31st Jan 2019
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Work/Life Balance  Iain Beaumont, Director of Events, Cowdray

WORK What would you like your business to achieve in 2019, and how will you do this?

There is huge scope for exciting events at Cowdray, to meet demands for anything from corporate retreats to weddings, we are still a fairly new business and the opportunities for development are endless. Since Christmas we’ve been inundated with enquires from private families looking to take the House for a long weekend to celebrate a special milestone or bring friends and family together from across the globe.

How do you intend to grow your business in 2019?

Without a doubt, I will be focusing on corporate development domestically, whilst tapping into those overseas, for whom sterling is currently good value.

What is the one thing you would like to see your business succeed in during 2019?

Cowdray catering launch is a major focus for me, we will roll out in-house catering across a number of different businesses and specifically for world-renowned Cowdray Polo Club. It’s been incredibly exciting to work on this project and we’re all very much looking forward to its launch in April.

How can Walpole and the Walpole membership help you achieve your future goals?

The networking opportunities are invaluable; we’ve showcased twice in New York, which has given us excellent exposure to the those living on the Eastern seaboard.

LIFE What do you hope to achieve on a personal level in 2019?

Wellness and well-being are key at Cowdray, I’m constantly presented with chances to balance work/life and I am determined to seize these opportunities. Weekly exercise classes are available to all staff and in addition to these, curiosity leads me to Cowdray Hall where therapists, meditation and activities such as chanting and Sound Baths are renowned. The Farm Shop is packed with healthy, seasonal produce, much of which is made in-house and tempting recipe cards for days when I’m feeling creative.

How will you go about meeting your personal goals?

I’m a fairly regimented individual with a military background. When I set goals I generally achieve them!

How do you ensure you achieve a good work/life balance?

My beloved lurcher Jake is the simple solution… he knows when it’s time to be lazy.