Work/Life Resolution | Catherine Archer, CEO, JING Tea

In today’s ‘Work/Life Resolution’ we meet Catherine Archer, CEO of JING Tea, who is dedicated to spreading the word about the merits of single-origin teas this year – and making more time to go running.

My aim in 2019 is to share the deliciously inspiring world of single-origin teas with more people. Whilst many people regularly drink their morning cup without a real thought, at the top end of the category is a beautiful world of true craftsmanship, rich cultural history and amazing stories. At JING we work directly with master growers in Asia’s great tea regions to source teas that truly express the unique taste of their terroir and maker. Not only does this increased appreciation enable more people to enjoy great tea experiences but it also helps to protect the tea making skills which have passed down over the millennia and are critical to the future of truly authentic teas.

Running is such an important enabler of work/life balance for me and I’m committed to making more time for it in 2019. Whether I need to relax after a stressful day or get the creative juices flowing to write a presentation, I find a run increases my productivity and is such a precious and simple tool for overall well-being. Having just signed up for a half marathon in the mountains of Jordan later in the year (quite a challenge for someone who doesn’t do hills) I now have no excuses not to get out there and practising.