Work/Life Resolution | Chris Turner, Creative Director, CTO Lighting

Today, Chris Turner, Co-Founder & Creative Director, CTO Lighting, shares his Work/Life Resolutions: including a new showroom in Russia, investing in America, and taking Friday afternoons off for family time and a spot of golf.

Happy Near Year, my resolution on a professional level for CTO Lighting in 2019 is to continue our path on healthy growth and meeting targets set as part of our three-year strategy. We made a large commitment in people last year, in the belief that our faith in staff will equate to growing the business. 2019 will be extremely exciting year as we have secured a partnership with Fox Linton to display our lights in their Chelsea Harbour showroom and internationally, we have another partnership for a showroom opening in Moscow too. We have also invested in a new trade show IMM Cologne to support our growing European territory. This year we will also be making a considerable investment in America.

My personal life I’m going to prioritise my work life balance. I will force myself out the office one Friday every month to have lunch with my wife, play golf and watch my kids play sports. Then building up to a 4-day week in 18 months’ time. There, I’ve written it down, so I’ve got no excuses!