Work/Life Resolution | Join Walpole’s New Year content campaign

Following our hugely popular 21 Days of Christmas content series in December, ‘Work/Life Resolution’ will profile the professional and personal New Year’s Resolutions of individuals within the Walpole membership across our Daily Digest, website and social media channels, to a combined readership of 23,000. Beginning on Thursday 3rd January and running until the end of the month, the campaign is intended to showcase the 2019 plans and goals of your business – as well as more personal intentions for the year ahead.

This initiative is open to all Walpole members.

Further details:
Work/Life Resolution is aimed at showcasing the professional and personal New Year’s Resolutions of individuals from within the Walpole membership. Please send over ONE personal resolution and ONE professional resolutions – some ideas on what you could include are below:

What would you like your business to achieve in 2019, and how will you do this?

How do you intend to grow your business / role in 2019?

What is the one thing you would like to see your business / role succeed in during 2019?

How can Walpole and the Walpole membership help you achieve your future goals?

What do you hope to achieve on a personal level in 2019?

How will you go about meeting your personal goals?

How do you ensure you achieve a good work/life balance?

Get involved
To get involved, please send over your personal and professional NY resolutions, plus a headshot or image that represents your brand. The deadline for any content to be received is Monday 24th January. Please send your content or any questions to, or the Walpole Content team: Jenni Rayner and Celandine Wade.