Work/Life Resolution | Justin Redman, Director & Co-Founder, RWD

Justin Redman, Director & Co-Founder of RWD, the Beaulieu based design studio that creates some of the world’s most prestigious bespoke luxury superyachts, shares his Work/Life Resolutions with us today which include ticking off some adventurous ‘bucket list’ experiences.

This year, my resolution is to ensure that RWD continues to evolve, grow and flourish. As a company our focus is always on pushing the boundaries of yacht design, on enhancing our processes and on taking each custom project to the next level. This year will be no different. Innovation, technology, materials and design trends move quickly and we like to stay ahead. A key part of what will enable us to evolve and thrive in 2019 will be hiring a new managing director for our team, so perhaps my new year’s resolution is to find a fantastic MD! We need a dynamic, dedicated MD who understands the creative process as well as HNW clients and all that is involved in supplying an entirely bespoke service. It’s a pretty wonderful job – the superyacht industry is beyond exciting and our office location in the New Forest means a unique quality of life. On a Summer’s evening we can go from discussing the design of hundreds of feet of superyacht to kayaking on the river next to our office or taking long walks through the surrounding forest. It’s a dreamy place to exist.

The nature of our work means that we are travelling continuously throughout the year – from whirlwind trips to see clients around the world to busy weeks at international yacht shows. My goal for 2019 is to dedicate more time to travelling for leisure. It’s time to see more of the world, have some adventures and tick off some ‘bucket list’ experiences. I love the idea of go-anywhere vehicles and think it would be rather exciting to go on an all-terrain expedition in Patagonia or the wilds of the USA. An African safari is also high on my list. Planning is half the fun.