Work/Life Resolution | Nigel J Mills CBE, CEO, The Lakes Distillery

Today, Nigel J Mills CBE, CEO of The Lakes Distillery shares his ‘Work/Life Resolutions’: a successful launch for the Lakes Single Malt Whisky, and following that more time to spending with family and friends.


In 2019 The Lakes Distillery will launch the first publicly available Lakes Single Malt Whisky, “The Whisky Makers Reserve number 1” in quarter 3 of this year. It has taken nearly eight years to reach this point in the development of our distillery and we are very excited to gauge the public’s reaction to our unique spirit crafted by our Director of Whisky, Dhavall Gandhi. With any new whisky distillery it is 10 years of innovation and then a lifetime of maintenance. “Whisky Makers Reserve number 1” will be followed by other unique and one off single malt whisky’s until we reach the starting point at 10 years of the sherry led Lakes Single Malt Whisky. We would love you to come on this exciting journey with us in 2019.

Building a new business, especially in the luxury industry is a full time job and that leaves little time for family and friends. Following the launch of our single malt whisky I hope to spend more time with family and friends and to travel to learn more about the opportunities our brands have abroad. Our vision is to create a global luxury whisky brand and that is the next step for our team and distillery.