Work/Life Resolution | Zia Zareem-Slade, Customer Experience Director, Fortnum & Mason

Today, Zia Zareem-Slade, Customer Experience Director at Fortnum & Mason shares her Work/Life Resolutions: including plans to ensure more people get to discover first-hand Fortnum’s ‘joy- giving things’ and spending more time with her daughter.

New Year’s Resolutions are so often about stopping, giving up, and changing things – and here at Fortnum’s, we’re hardly ones to cut out the good things in life. While this January our Piccadilly windows showcase key resolutions for us at Fortnum’s, they aren’t in any way reductive. The overarching focus for 2019 remains the same as it always has been – celebrating our extraordinary brand to ensure we’re more relevant, to more people, more often. But that doesn’t mean more of the same… it means we must challenge ourselves harder than ever to create exceptional, unique, memorable, fun and joyous experiences. After all, you don’t survive for 311 years by playing it safe.

This year we’re proud to share our sustainability activities, ensuring we’re being transparent about all the big (and small) things we’re up to across the business – from our work with The Felix Project to reduce food waste, to our moss and beehives on our roofs. As a family-owned business, doing the right thing by our planet and people is incredibly important to us.

Our customers regularly share their love of re-use on social media, with our hampers coming back to life as dog or toy baskets or homes for muddy wellies, and our beautiful tin tea caddies reinvented as plant pots. It’s not something we’ve creatively focused on before, but later this year we’ll introduce a really exciting re-use campaign. After all, the business was started on the re-use of old candles from Queen Anne’s Palace.

We have big plans to take the brand boldly out into the world to ensure more people get to discover first-hand the ‘joy- giving things’ we’re most famous for. And without getting political, now, more than ever the world needs a little more joy – whether it’s good food round a table or the perfect cup of tea and a biscuit, it’s important for us to celebrate those moments that bring people to together and make the everyday special.

The ongoing quest for ‘balance’ – eat better, move more, be present, work smarter, read more (paper-based books) and get out more etc etc. In all seriousness though, I’ve made a little promise to work from home more often so I can take my wonderful daughter to school as opposed to rushing her out of the house to breakfast club. She makes me laugh so much, inspires me and spending time with her supercharges me in so many ways – other than a quiet cup of tea she is my true joy.