Driving exports for the high-end sector | Walpole and McKinsey report

The All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Trade and Investment, chaired by Walpole’s CEO Helen Brocklebank, promotes the importance of international trade and inward investment to the UK and aims to identify and break down the barriers that exist for businesses looking to grow their exports.

The high-end consumer goods group inaugural meeting was held in February 2018. The group was joined by Antonia Romeo, Permanent Secretary of the Department for International Trade (DIT), where the opportunities and implications for exports/international trade and inward investment across the high-end consumer goods sector were discussed, as well as the wider contribution of the high-end sector through travel and tourism employment, skills and manufacturing and soft power diplomacy.

A recent Walpole report with McKinsey & Co identified key growth drivers for the high-end sector and highlights two important opportunities: 1) most British high-end brands are SMEs and as such have significant white space for growth; we have far fewer Phase 3 i.e. large scale brands which generate in excess of £100 million in sales, compare to France and Italy 2) international development and exports is one of the key drivers of sector growth and absolutely essential for any high-end business to gain scale and reach its full potential.

Walpole members are invited to read this report, please click here to download your copy: Walpole McKinsey report

For more information, please contact Charlotte Keesing on charlotte.keesing@thewalpole.co.uk.