Handling Digital Data | An insight from GGMR

In this third insight from Walpole's digital partners GGMR, we focus on handling digital data. With the volume of data increasing minute by minute it’s essential to learn how to effectively leverage the information you hold in order to deliver the best marketing to your customer, the relevant products and drive decision making on all levels.

Not only do you need to analyse the data you have, but you also need to store it according to the new GDPR legislation due to come in Spring 2018.

Everyone has data, but the company that succeeds is the one that use the right tools, technologies and partners to efficiently analyse and create actionable insights from the data. Numbers and data alone mean very little, it’s how you use this is what really counts. With the right analysis of data you can not only improve services but can make sure that you stay one step ahead of customer trends.

Those who can understand and analyse data are therefore in high demand, as they are the experts and have the time to sit and collate/analyse data in a user-friendly manner. The main areas can be simplified into five points: Measuring, Test & Learn, Optimise, Modelling and Content Creation.

Measuring: Look at campaign data and marketing efforts to create a database of quantitative and qualitative materials.

Test & Learn: Using this database create and execute segmentation tests to learn more about the best method to improve results (e.g. for emails a higher conversion rate is achieved when sending an email on X day at X time or with Google campaigns, test and learn from keywords and geolocation for example).

Optimise: Using the results change to create better results for future campaigns – stay ahead of the trends.

Modelling: Use software tools and build frameworks that will help to predict consumer behaviour. These tools allow you to create more personalised content, create the best offers and tell you what price point will engage the customer as well as more.

Content Creation: Communicating differently using data to drive content is the best way to inspire better decisions.

With thanks to Walpole’s Digital Corporate Partners GGMR Ltd. Please contact George Gill at George@ggmr.co.uk or 0870 777 6735 for more information.