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Edward Green

Today, the company continues to focus on making the very finest Goodyear welted shoes, upholding the highest standards of Northampton's shoemaking tradition. Shoes are still hand sewn using boar's bristle needles much as they would have been a century ago. The Dover's apron takes over two hours a pair to hand sew and has developed an iconic status amongst shoe aficionados with hand sewing demonstrations held from Chicago to Osaka. Edward Green is renowned for their antiqued calfskins, with layer upon layer of careful handwork creating a rich and characteristic patina across the shoe. In recent times these have been augmented with softly waxed leathers, ideal for a growing casual market yet true to Edward's Green ethos of making shoes that age handsomely. Indeed shoes can be re-crafted again and again, and sometimes last decades - testament to the value of products made with care and integrity. No detail is missed. And it's that combination of excellence and quintessentially English style that has served the company well internationally. Over 80% of production is now exported with key markets including the US and Japan, where the company has recently opened a Tokyo flagship store, joining those in London and Paris. Their online store has seen significant growth, engaging a new clientele and allowing loyal customers to easily make repeat purchases wherever they happen to live. The stores carry an unrivaled stock of widths and last shapes, allowing customers to find a fitting that is ideal for their own feet. Many will go on to have shoes made to order and develop a long lasting relationship with the company who with the scale and flexibility of production specialise in custom work. After more than a century at the pinnacle of shoe-making, Edward Green continues to evolve, with new lasts and patterns introduced, but the core stays the same – elegant, quintessentially English footwear worn by gentlemen of distinction, charm and wit.    

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