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“Since its launch fifteen years ago, Walpole’s flagship development programme, Brands of Tomorrow, has been a key pillar of our work to drive the growth of the British luxury sector. So far, we’ve taken 142 early-stage, high-end brands through a tried and trusted programme of mentoring and masterclasses, immersing their founders in the support, help and advice of their fellow Walpole members and investing the time and talents of established British luxury brands into nurturing and developing the potential of new ones."
Helen Brocklebank
CEO, Walpole


AKT LondonBeauty, Grooming & Wellness
Anglo ItalianFashion & Accessories
Baz & CoBeauty, Grooming & Wellness
Difference CoffeeFood & Drink
Edward Bulmer Paint Interior Design, Home & Craftsmanship
Goldfinger Interior Design, Home & Craftsmanship
Holmes Bespoke Interior Design, Home & Craftsmanship
Maison Margaux Interior Design, Home & Craftsmanship
Makers Cabinet Interior Design, Home & Craftsmanship
MonpureBeauty, Grooming & Wellness
NavygreyFashion & Accessories
Roxanne FirstJewellery, Watches & Precious Metals

Difference Coffee

Difference Coffee represents a collection of the very highest-graded coffees, rare and limited reserve beans, sourced from the world’s most prestigious coffee estates. Presented in recyclable, Nespresso-compatible capsules, only ethically and sustainably sourced 100% Arabica speciality coffee is roasted. Difference Coffee is the leading British coffee brand amongst luxury hospitality and Michelin-starred restaurants in the UK, and is currently increasing its market share in Italy and internationally.


Anglo-Italian is a tailoring-focused menswear brand inspired by the culture of England and Italy. Led by Jake Grantham, the house produces garments in a way that combines artisanal production with a firm point of view, and re-works, revisits, and revives its roster of core items each season. Offering ready-to-wear, made-to-order, made-to-measure and bespoke services, its stores in Marylebone are manned by knowledgeable staff and frequented by patrons seeking products that will endure.

Holmes Bespoke

Founded by Laylah Holmes with the aim to provide a fresh, unique and personal approach to custom-made interiors, Holmes Bespoke specialises in hand-crafted rugs, carpets and home accessories. Liveable luxury is at the heart of the company, teamed with an emphasis on original design and quality craftsmanship. Set apart by a diverse offering of weaving techniques, Holmes Bespoke’s skilled artisans can hand tuft, knot, weave, loop, or carve any bespoke design in an array of premium fibres.

Roxanne First

Founded in 2018 and referred to by the Financial Times as ‘dopamine-inducing’ jewellery, Roxanne First’s fine jewellery is designed for everyday wear and timeless cool. The studio’s pieces are crafted using ethically sourced solid gold, diamonds, multi-coloured sapphires and semiprecious stones. Roxanne inherited her passion from her Italian family’s love of jewellery and today her eponymous collection includes everything from a classic diamond hoop to beautiful bespoke jewellery in rainbow hues.

Baz & Co

BAZ & CO was founded by farmer James Dashwood Chase, who knows that the quality and integrity of ingredients is essential in skincare and wellbeing. Inspired by his last venture, Chase Distillery, BAZ & CO’s products are made with natural, vertical-farm-grown ingredients and do not contain parabens, soap, harsh exfoliants, detergents, sulphates, or synthetic chemicals. The company’s mission is to provide powerful, natural skincare that helps men achieve naturally healthier skin over time.

Maison Margaux

Founded by a team of industry experts in 2019, Maison Margaux is a luxury British homeware brand that travels the world sourcing everything you need for beautiful home entertaining, including crockery, linens, cutlery, candleware and accessories. A successful online sales platform is complemented by a rental service that creates bespoke tablescapes for any occasion. With a mantra of ‘Buy the classics and hire the trends’ Maison Margaux encourages its customers to buy forever pieces and then return to rent seasonal updates.

Edward Bulmer Natural Paint

Edward Bulmer has a vision to create a natural paint that does not cost the Earth, while protecting both people and planet. Edward has poured over 30 years of design experience, plus innovative gentle chemistry, into every tin in his mission to clean up the paint industry. The company is unique in using plant-based ingredients (including a ground-breaking bio-based binder) and it is the only paint company to use natural earth and mineral pigments to create its stunning colours.


You know that feeling of warmth and comfort you get when you pull on your favourite jumper? Navygrey takes the time to create items that bring that feeling back. Inspired by a 25-year-old navy wool jumper owned by the founder’s mother, Navygrey creates luxurious British knitwear that makes you both feel good and look good. Underpinned by the timeless palette of navy and grey. Natural, sustainable, traceable and increasingly regenerative - crafted in partnership with innovative British farms, mills and factories.


The world’s first scalp and hair health brand dedicated to treating scalp discomfort and irritation, preventing hair thinning and promoting strong hair, MONPURE has earned more than 45 industry awards since it was founded in 2020. MONPURE’s scientifically proven formulas utilise potent active ingredients such as Retinol, Vegan Silk Peptides, AHAs, BHAs and Vitamin C to create the optimum environment for hair to grow by rebalancing the scalp, clearing blocked follicles, and strengthening and rebuilding strands at the root.


Goldfinger is an award-winning social enterprise venture, designing timeless furniture and homeware from locally-sourced and reclaimed materials. On display at some of the UK’s leading names in retail and hospitality (including Selfridges, Soho Home and Gail’s), Goldfinger’s artisans often craft bespoke furniture in collaboration with celebrated interior designers. Its profits are reinvested into the Goldfinger Academy’s woodworking courses, career guidance programmes and craft classes, and free monthly community meal, the People’s Kitchen.

Makers Cabinet

Makers Cabinet was established in 2017 by Central Saint Martins graduates Odin Ardagh and Noah Bier. Launched and funded with a Kickstarter campaign for a unique pencil sharpener, the brand has developed a range of innovative, crafted tools for creators, gaining an international customer base of architects, designers, artists and stationery aficionados. Now stocked in over fifty retailers worldwide, the company plans to expand into new industries with products designed in line with the circular economy, and made in the UK.


After years of not being able to find a deodorant that could withstand the rigours of their 8-daya- week West End careers, actors Ed Currie and Andy Coxon set about creating one that could. The result was AKT London (pronounced “act”). Made in the UK with 100% plastic-free packaging, this natural deodorant’s blend of active botanicals and Deo-Barrier Complex™ leaves you dry and fresh all day long. Tested on over 1000 dancers since 2015, AKT is born to perform.

Brands of Tomorrow News

Summer Series
Summer Series
17th Aug 2023
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Warm days and balmy evenings demand luxurious libations that keep the party going way past sundown. With that in mind, we spoke to Amir Gehl, Founder and CEO of Difference Coffee (one of our Brands of Tomorrow 2023), to tell us four chic caffeinated cocktails you can create using coffee pods
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Summer Series
10th Aug 2023
Maison Margaux's Louisa Preskett on setting the perfect summer table
Warm days and balmy evenings in the summer always inspire our desire to move our meals alfresco – but how to do it right? Louisa Preskett, Director of homeware label Maison Margaux (one of our Brands of Tomorrow 2023) give us her top tips for creating a tablescape for your guests that will enable you all to soak up the sun in style
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Welcome to Walpole
7th Mar 2023
Tom Cotton and Dina Jahina introduce eto
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