Walpole’s British Luxury
Sustainability Manifesto

Walpole’s British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto is an ambitious and comprehensive aim to support the British luxury sector in lowering carbon emissions, reducing environmental impacts, and ensuring more sustainable future growth. Since launch, 50 Walpole Members have joined the Founding Signatories in support of the Manifesto, all of whom share an ambition to make the UK’s luxury sector the most sustainable in the world. The Manifesto was produced in association with McKinsey & Co.
The Founding Signatories
The Signatories
Working Groups
Walpole has convened Members to form eight sector-specific Working Groups. These Groups enable collaboration, share experience and best practice, and combine resources and align on areas of joint action to accelerate the pace of change towards a more sustainable future for luxury in the UK.

These Groups meet regularly to discuss

Progress towards more sustainable packaging
Material-specific insights and the challenges of plastics and in the supply chain
Carbon emission reduction
Social impact, including diversity and inclusion initiatives
How best to communicate brands’ sustainability work to customers and media
The British Luxury Sustainability Report
In 2021 Walpole published a comprehensive Report, in association with Investec on the progress Members have made in powering their businesses towards a net carbon and zero waste future, one year on from the launch of the Sustainability Manifesto. This report includes detailed Case Studies on the sustainability journeys of some of the Manifesto’s Signatories.
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Burberry; JING Tea; Grays Bookbinders
Get involved
All Walpole brands are invited to become signatories of the Sustainability Manifesto or join the Working Groups, with three simple criteria to be involved:
Endorsement from senior leaders to prioritise sustainability at the highest levels in their businesses
Identify a person in charge of sustainability within the businesses
Promote proactive and transparent communications around sustainability both internally and externally

Sustainability News

1st Dec 2021
Walpole x Great British Brands ZERO: An interview with Anabela Chan
London-based Anabela Chan is the first fine jewellery brand in the world to champion sustainable laboratory grown gemstones paired with high jewellery designs and artisanal craftsmanship. The brand also sources gemstones from the Tanzanian Women Miners Association, part of Pact’s Mines to Markets programme (pactworld.org) in association with the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). For every piece sold from its Mermaid’s Tale collection, the brand plants 100 mangrove sea trees in West Papua, Indonesia, equating 100 tonnes of stored CO2.
24th Nov 2021
How can British Luxury brands credibly achieve net zero emissions? By South Pole
We all have to reduce emissions if we want to preserve our planet and our economies for future generations. To meet the goals of the UN Paris Agreement, we need to do it faster than ever. With COP26 having just concluded in Glasgow, the direction of travel is clear: businesses should start investing in climate action and adjusting to a net zero economy. How can British luxury brands make the transition from setting a net zero target to delivering that target with clear milestones?
Love Letters From Britain
Love Letters From Britain
24th Nov 2021
Mulberry: Can a bag help save the world – fashion, farming and the future?
Iconic British brand Mulberry is embedding principles of transparency, regeneration and circularity across its supply chain to create signature leather bags that have a positive impact and are made to last. This is Mulberry's Love Letter from Britain