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“Collaboration among peers is vital to achieving real system change. By working together, we can transform our sector and build a more sustainable future.”
Walpole Member & founding signatory of the British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto

Walpole’s British Luxury
Sustainability Manifesto

Walpole’s British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto is an ambitious and comprehensive aim to support the British luxury sector in lowering carbon emissions, reducing environmental impacts, and ensuring more sustainable future growth. Since launch, 50 Walpole Members have joined the Founding Signatories in support of the Manifesto, all of whom share an ambition to make the UK’s luxury sector the most sustainable in the world. The Manifesto was produced in association with McKinsey & Co.
The Founding Signatories
The Signatories
Working Groups
Walpole has convened Members to form eight sector-specific Working Groups. These Groups enable collaboration, share experience and best practice, and combine resources and align on areas of joint action to accelerate the pace of change towards a more sustainable future for luxury in the UK.

These Groups meet regularly to discuss

Progress towards more sustainable packaging
Material-specific insights and the challenges of plastics and in the supply chain
Carbon emission reduction
Social impact, including diversity and inclusion initiatives
How best to communicate brands’ sustainability work to customers and media
The British Luxury Walpole Sustainability Report
In 2021 Walpole published a comprehensive Report, in association with Investec on the progress Members have made in powering their businesses towards a net carbon and zero waste future, one year on from the launch of the Sustainability Manifesto. This report includes detailed Case Studies on the sustainability journeys of some of the Manifesto’s Signatories.
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Burberry; JING Tea; Grays Bookbinders
Get involved
All Walpole brands are invited to become signatories of the Sustainability Manifesto or join the Working Groups, with three simple criteria to be involved:
Endorsement from senior leaders to prioritise sustainability at the highest levels in their businesses
Identify a person in charge of sustainability within the businesses
Promote proactive and transparent communications around sustainability both internally and externally

Sustainability News

Sustainability Stories
Sustainability Stories
19th Oct 2023
Ellie Marks on why carbon positive shipping is so important to Freight Brokers
Since starting at Walpole's logistics partner Freight Brokers, Ellie Marks has overseen the company's B Corp certification, as well as increasing the offsetting of its shipments from 100% to 200% climate positive. Now her aim is to raise that to 250% – and beyond
Public Policy
Public Policy
18th May 2023
Let us know your thoughts on the EU's Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulations proposal
A new piece of legislation regulating the kind of packaging that can be used on the EU market is currently being debated by the European Parliament and Commission – and we're keen to hear from Walpole Members about how it could potentially affect them. Read more about the proposals here, then email our Public Policy team with your feedback.
Out of Office
Out of Office
17th Feb 2023
Tom Marchant shares his Out of Office essentials
In our Out of Office interview series, we speak to Walpole member executives at the top of their game about how they live their lives away from their desks – the habits that help them decompress, the activities that re-centre their minds, and the little luxuries that they can't live without. This week, it's the turn of Tom Marchant, owner and co-founder of The Black Tomato Group, parent organisation of Walpole member, travel company Black Tomato.