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James Cropper

Throughout 175 years of high quality paper production, the business has been carefully stewarded and nurtured by six generations of the Cropper family and is renowned globally for individual expertise in colour, dedicated responses to the most challenging custom projects and award-winning commitment to the highest standards of sustainability. COLOURFORM™ moulded fibre packaging is the latest sustainable paper innovation from James Cropper. The plastic-free packaging is meeting the needs of complex high-end design in terms of colour, shape, surface finish and functionality for product categories from cosmetics to consumer electronics, while blazing a trail for sustainable luxury packaging in the future. James Cropper is also a member of the Paper Cup Recovery & Recycling Group (PCRRG), a cross-industry group that exists to develop collection and recycling opportunities for paper cups and identify and support solutions that sustainably transform used paper cups into a valuable resource. www.jamescropper.com    

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