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Matthew Cox

Matthew Cox is a British furniture company whose purpose is to make furniture and lighting that will be as essential and beautiful in 100 years as it is today. By balancing time-honoured methods with innovative practices, the team of designers and makers create furniture of exacting simplicity, with each piece elegantly customised to serve its purpose perfectly.

The designs celebrate the versatility and permanence of fundamental form, and in making generous use of rich, natural materials, the company’s reverence for nature is plain. The skilled finishing of wood, metal and stone conveys the character and warmth of the surface and allows the patina to evolve with time and use. 

As a third-generation antique dealer Matthew understands what makes furniture stand the test of time. As a designer he combines this knowledge with the choices and subtleties that make each client’s commission so personal.The team are known for their positive customer service. They aim to anticipate their client needs with a wealth of resources on their website, including augmented reality examples of each piece.

The company’s 100-year plan considers all aspects of their work, from the future of the furniture they produce to the practices they develop and the people they employ. In combining their experience of antique restoration with the vibrant skills of the workshop, they offer a thoughtfully circular customer experience encompassing repair, restoration, repurposing and resale of their furniture,

The Georgian townhouse that accommodates the studio is a living showroom playing home to an inspiring mix of old and new. The workshop sits on the Stamford/Rutland border with views over Lincolnshire’s famous fields. To arrange a visit and for all other enquiries, please email [email protected] 



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