Peter Reed International Ltd,
Butterworth Mill, 30B Churchill Way,
Lomeshaye, Nelson,
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Peter Reed

We only use the finest, most lustrous cotton sheeting made from extra-long staple cotton, every single hem is stitched by hand, every detail checked and rechecked. Each finished piece has 150 years of expert artisanship woven into it. We supply private houses, interior designers, hotels and yachts around the world. Each order is tailor-made from scratch and customers can choose from Plain or Embroidered linens. Our famous white-on-white Signature Cords are still hand finished as they were in 1861 and are still the benchmark for a crisp, English tailored look, they are available in 2 ,3 , 4 and 5 rows and in a number of thread counts. Our Classic Cords are made on our embroidery machines and are available in 1, 2 and 3 rows, a number of thread counts and finishes, and we can colour match to interior schemes. Our Embroidery designs are taken from our archives and some date back to the mid 19th Century, so if you are creating an Art Deco theme or looking for authentic Edwardian embroidery - we have original period designs here in our Library. Or of course, you can commission your own design, family crest or monogram and our master embroiderers will replicate it for you. We can also cut to specific bed sizes or unusual shapes (often the case on yachts and planes). We take sustainability very seriously and as everything is made to order, (we do not hold any stock) it means there is very little wastage of materials or power, ensuring a more sustainable method of production. Our offcuts are used for our own packaging and the rest donated to a local patchwork quilt business. In addition we monitor every aspect of the conversion from the raw cotton to when we receive it as a woven fabric, but we are always looking to improve and ensure that we inspire a future generation of craftspeople to continue the Peter Reed story. ‘When you buy Peter Reed you are not only buying the most luxurious handcrafted bed linen, you are also buying into a rich heritage of English textile manufacturing’. trade enquiries: [email protected]      

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