Sunspel Ltd.
Cavendish House, Canal Street
Long Eaton
Derbyshire NG10 4HP
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When Thomas Hill founded Sunspel in 1860 he was not just an innovator but a visionary who aspired to make beautiful, everyday clothing from the world’s finest materials. Although fashion trends have come and gone in the 160 years since then, Sunspel has remained true to its original ethos. Today the brand’s hand-crafted garments form the foundation of the modern luxury wardrobe. Sunspel is everything that fast fashion is not: it has always made products with care, and this extends from the sources of its materials to the people that it works with. It is the only brand that manufactures luxury T-shirts from its own factory in Britain, with a 30-strong team of women working in the same Long Eaton premises it has occupied since 1937. Sunspel now has a global reach through its online presence, a range of luxury retailers, and the brand’s own stores in London, Tokyo and New York. Since its inception, Sunspel has consistently transcended trends to achieve the near impossible: to be timeless yet contemporary.