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Alexandra Llewellyn

Designer of beautifully crafted and intricately detailed games, Alexandra’s work makes play into something magnificent. From her famed Backgammon boards to poker sets, games tables to card boxes, each piece is conceived in London before being handmade by specialist artisans across the UK. Every Alexandra Llewellyn Backgammon board passes through no fewer than nine craft workshops on its journey from idea to realisation. Using materials of peerless quality, always with sustainable origins and often in unusual combinations; her award-winning designs are canvases for meticulous marquetry, delicate hand-painting and bewitching print. The results are testament to Alexandra’s passion, uniting diverse disciplines to create singularly refined objets d’art. These are treasured heirlooms of the future. 

Inspired by the games played (and the bonds made) as a child with her step-grandfather in the backstreets of Cairo, Alexandra’s love of Backgammon has been lifelong. As familiar in ancient Rome as in the smoky lounges of 70s Hollywood, Alexandra was enamoured by the pastime’s ability to transcend language, culture and generations; for her, Backgammon would become a form capable of endless narrative. Enchanted by the game’s inherent poetry of proportion, the harmonious geometry of its pieces and their movements, Alexandra’s training as a fine artist saw her apply that material expertise to a medium she had loved since childhood. Today, Alexandra Llewellyn’s signature designs – instantly recognisable for their craft as well as their distinctive style – have homes across the globe. Translating her clients’ worlds and wishes into mesmerising and characterful objects, Alexandra’s bespoke games are commissioned by prestigious luxury brands as well as internationally well-known figures and royalty.

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