Historic Royal Palaces

Each of the six royal palaces in their care has borne witness to peace and prosperity, periods of building and expansion, war and domestic strife, politics and even revolution. For centuries their elegant gardens and show-stopping interiors have provided the stage upon which some of the greatest moments of British history have played out; from the birth of a girl who would one day rule the largest empire the world had ever known to the downfall of two of England’s most infamous Queens. Today, these treasure troves of art and design continue to inspire artists, designers and craftspeople, and offer the perfect setting for the most glittering of events. These incredible buildings tell stories about the monarchs you know, and the lives you don’t, and offer space for spirits to stir, and be stirred.   Although the palaces are owned by The Queen on behalf of the nation, Historic Royal Palaces receives no funding from the Government or the Crown, so is depend on the support of visitors, members, donors, volunteers, partners and sponsors.


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