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Sabina Savage

In 2019, Sabina launched her first line of silk clothing, featuring her beautiful hand-drawn placement prints artfully placed and engineered around each garment. Trained in Paris, Sabina creates couture, hand-rendered prints in her distinctive and individual style. Each illustration is intricately hand drawn by Sabina in pencil, taking up to six weeks for a single design, before being printed onto the finest silk, wool and cashmere. The detailed and multifaceted illustrations are carefully engineered around the fabric to create a unique scarf or garment with a signature aesthetic. Sabina’s prints are inspired by the animal kingdom and the beautiful characters found within it. Each season, she composes a short story based on historical, cultural or literary events, with the animals always taking centre stage. Each collection is a melange of artistic influences, antique references and museum pieces, all artfully combined into a fictional tale. After a lengthy research phase, the story is then illustrated in three scenes, and emancipation is a recurring element. Sabina’s work is often recognised as much for its imaginative narrative as for the recurring element of the macabre found in certain designs. The colour palette used is also very distinctive, and adds a classic, timeless appeal to her intricate illustration work. Once the illustrations are completed in Sabina’s London studio, each print is then reproduced to the highest quality by the renowned artisans of Como, Italy. The scarves then remain in Como for hand-edging, while the fabric travels back to London for garment production. Sabina Savage is now stocked in some of the finest stores worldwide and has collectors and fans across the globe.    

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