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Jo Malone London x British GQ: A Conversation In Time

Walpole member Jo Malone London continues to shine a light on mental health with A Conversation In Time: a podcast in collaboration with British GQ discussing mental health and general well-being, and sharing conversations about real-life experiences affecting men in the past, present and future.
18th Aug 2021
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Member News Jo Malone London x British GQ: A Conversation In Time

The new six-part series has been created as a platform to openly discuss mental health and well-being. It navigates mental health through intimate conversations about life, identity and experience, while looking at the pressures of stereotypes.

Talking about mental health can be one of the most positive things to do, to help ourselves as well as others. Each episode features two people in conversation, taking listeners on a journey of reflection and resilience. The podcast speaks specifically to men and includes notable people from film, music, sport and beyond.

Listen to the first episode of A Conversation In Time here.


Jo Malone London’s Charity Mission 


This podcast is a natural next step in Jo Malone London’s mission to shine a light on mental health. One in four people will be affected by mental health in their lifetime and it’s time to help break the taboo that can surround the topic. The brand has been supporting charities at the forefront of mental health for a decade and it continues to help people across the globe to talk about their feelings and rediscover hope for the future.

This mission is supported through the sales of the Charity Candle Collection. For each Charity Home Candle sold in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Jo Malone Limited will donate 75% of the RRP (less VAT) to charities supporting mental health projects.

Raising awareness. Providing support. Empowering people to recover. Reconnect. Grow. 

To find out more about Jo Malone London's charity mission, please click here.