Luxury Leaders of Tomorrow, with London Business School

Now in its eighth year, Walpole has joined with London Business School, one of the world’s foremost educational institutions, to nurture the next generation of British luxury leaders
8th Nov 2021
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Programmes Luxury Leaders of Tomorrow, with London Business School

The inspiring Luxury Leaders of Tomorrow programme leverages London Business School’s MBA curriculum to develop a select group of students aiming to take up global management positions in the luxury sector upon graduation. Walpole member companies and their senior executives provide the opportunity for students to gain real experience in successful luxury brands.

The programme delivers a rigorous foundation of academic learning and professional development, combined with unrivalled practitioner knowledge and sector insight to support students in building both the experience and connections required to be successful in the luxury sector. The Luxury Leaders of Tomorrow programme complements London Business School’s MBA and full-time Master’s programmes.

The curriculum includes:

As part of the core curriculum MBA and Masters students undertake courses covering a wide range of subjects. These are brought to life with current thought leadership that underpins rigorous academic theory and practical application. This combination ensures they have the right combination of knowledge, skills and attributes to be successful in a today’s fast changing and global business environment.

As part of the programme, students are encouraged to take the London CAP that align with their aspirations in the luxury sector. All students must take the Luxury Strategy course then four other electives must select from the list below:

• Advanced Marketing
• Brand Management
• Financing the Entrepreneurial Business
• Communications
• Global Strategy Management
• Going to Market: Managing the Channel
and Salesforce
• Innovating Business Models, Products
and Services
• Leading Teams and Organisations
• Managing Change
• Managing the Growing Business
• Managing and Marketing Innovation
• Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances
• Mergers, MBOs and other Corporate
• Negotiation and Bargaining
• New Venture Development
• Pricing Strategy
• Private Equity and Venture Capital
• Strategies for Growth
• Strategic Innovation
• Supply Chain Management
• Thinking Strategically

Students on the programme will have opportunities to work on projects with designers and brands, providing experience of practical application of skills and frameworks outside of the classroom.

To complement the MBA curriculum, students will gain a deep understanding of the luxury expert through a dedicated series of practical lectures delivered by senior executives from Walpole member companies, and developed in conjunction with London Business School. 

Students on the programme will be assigned a mentor – a senior executive from within the Walpole membership. The mentor will provide guidance and networking opportunities to maximise the learning opportunities.

Students can gain further sector experience by interning or undertaking short-term projects at a luxury brand. LBS Career Centre can support students on their journey to getting an internship.

Students are encouraged to further their understanding of luxury companies through career treks. These are normally arranged by the Retail & Luxury Goods Club in conjunction with Career Centre.

The Luxury Management Programme is exclusive to all first year full-time MBA at London Business School and students on other full-time Masters Programmes.

For professionals wanting to make a vertical career shift, change industry or job function, or develop an entrepreneurial toolkit, London Business School’s top-ranked MBA will ignite performance and provide the skills and network needed to succeed in global business today. While the School may be young compared to its competitors, it has accomplished a phenomenal amount in its short history. As well as winning praise for its rigorous and influential academic work, the School is rated as one of the world’s top business schools for its degree and nondegree programmes.

For MBA Programme enquiries, please contact: [email protected]. For career enquiries, please contact: [email protected] or visit

For more information, please contact: [email protected] or visit

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