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The Future of British Luxury by Camille Martin, Chief Brand Officer at dunhill

Camille Martin, the Chief Brand Officer at dunhill - one of the UK's most successful luxury menswear brands - is today's speaker interviewee as we look ahead to September's Future of Luxury Summit at The Londoner. Read on for a short Q&A with Camille as he reveals what he will discuss during his Summit Session, and what he sees as the opportunities and challenges ahead for British luxury.
30th Jul 2021
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Walpole Summit The Future of British Luxury by Camille Martin, Chief Brand Officer at dunhill

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Camille Martin joined dunhill in November 2019. As Chief Brand Officer, he's leading the global marketing and communication strategy for the brand as well as the merchandising activities. Prior to dunhill, Camille built his career at L'Oreal, where he held different levels and positions for several brands, including Giorgio Armani Beauty and L'Oreal Paris, during his 13-year tenure. 


Why are you taking part in the Walpole Summit?

Exchanging on key topics in the luxury sectors which are the most challenging yet essential for brands: sustainability, reinvention of the customer experience online/offline and innovation.

Can you give us a couple of the key insights you will share during the event?

As my participation will be linked to the Love letters from Britain series, I will be sharing our brand transformation at dunhill and how we are embracing the new masculinity and diversity through our community.

What do you see as the most important opportunities ahead for both your brand and the luxury sector?

We still have a lot of opportunity in ecommerce and digital in general. How to best convey our storytelling online, how to best showcase our products and the craftsmanship behind them, how to engage with our customers.

And what do you see as the greatest challenges?

Sustainability: What are the innovations which will really make the difference, while continuously maintaining a high level of quality.

Why are these events important to you, your business and the sector as a whole?

For our business, exchanging with other players in the luxury industry (not necessarily from the same category of products) is extremely rich and provides us with insight and ideas that we could translate to the fashion and accessories sector. From an industry point of view, ensuring that British luxury is at the forefront of innovation, customer experience and sustainability will be essential to make the difference vs. competition in the short and long term.


The Walpole Future of British Luxury Summit takes place on Monday 6th September at The Londoner, in association with Facebook and TONG. 

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