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Since 1834 the WOLF mark has been a symbol of decades of innovation and the pursuit of the perfect design. As a five-generation family-owned company we understand extraordinary objects are representations of extraordinary moments in life. We believe for a legacy to endure it must be nourished and upheld while melding beauty and functionality. We are dedicated to honouring people’s stories and the jewellery and timepieces entrusted to us.

WOLF leads the market in watch winders and jewellery boxes, boasting patents for both the technology developed to count Turns per Day and LusterLoc™ a treatment used on the fabric inside jewellery boxes that stops jewellery tarnishing for up to 35 years. 

Known and respected throughout the world, The WOLF brand is sold in prestigious stores in over 75 countries with offices and distribution centres in UK, Europe (Holland), Los Angeles, Hong Kong, China and Australia. WOLF’s products include watch winders, watch boxes, watch rolls, jewellery boxes, jewellery travel cases, safes and men’s and women’s accessories.

WOLF’s commitment to sustainability runs parallel to our commitment to craft, with a long history of caring about the climate, from Philip Wolf III writing about ‘climate change’ in the 1940s to the present day through the vision of CEO Simon Wolf. From product materials and packaging to the way the business operates – sustainability always sits hand in hand with creating luxury handmade products; protecting people’s legacies for generations to come. 

As the CEO and Creative Director, Simon Wolf ensures that every piece that is designed has a reason for being, is innovative and stylish in its design and where possible has a technical attribute that makes it simply the best. The craftsmanship involved in each and every handmade WOLF product is exceptional, meaning they last a lifetime.

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