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Introducing MONPURE, our latest Walpole member

Learn a little more about MONPURE in our interview with the scalp and hair health brand's Founder & CEO, Nate Bigger
11th Jun 2024
Welcome to Walpole Introducing MONPURE, our latest Walpole member

MONPURE understands that hair is an expression of identity and a source of confidence, and that at the foundation of haircare is scalp and hair health. Through a collection of cruelty-free, naturally sourced products, MONPURE considers hair not just as a styling tool, rather as an essential element of health and wellness. A graduate of the Brands of Tomorrow 2023 programme, MONPURE has now joined as a fully-fledged Walpole member. 

Learn a little more about Walpole's latest member in our interview with the brand's Founder & CEO, Nate Bigger...

Nate Bigger, Founder & CEO of MONPURE

Walpole: Tell us about the history of your brand…

Nate Bigger: I launched MONPURE in May 2020. I was raised by a single mother who was a model during the 1990s supermodel era which meant I spent my childhood backstage at fashion shows across the globe. While the fashion world glittered with glamour on the surface, I witnessed the harsh realities models faced behind the scenes, particularly the damage inflicted on their hair by relentless styling and harsh chemicals. Season after season, models suffered noticeable hair loss and degradation. Recognising a gap in the market for products that focus on both hair and scalp health, I established MONPURE to advance the haircare conversation from mere styling to comprehensive health and wellness.

What is your brand best known for?

MONPURE is best known for understanding scalp health as the foundation for haircare. Our products not only enhance hair beauty but also address scalp health, preventing hair loss and improving hair quality. Monpure is the first brand to use potent active ingredients such as retinol in haircare formulas. In creating these pioneering products we discovered a way to support scalp cell turnover and offer natural alternatives to traditionally harsher hair growth ingredients. Our brand is a promise to quality and safety, so we’re making sure that all of our products are cruelty-free, ethically sourced and suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding.

What has been a significant achievement in your company’s timeline?

A significant achievement for us was winning over 50 global industry awards within the first three years of launching. These accolades underscore our commitment to quality, innovation and effectiveness in the haircare industry. We were also very grateful to be selected for the Walpole Brands of Tomorrow programme in 2023, and have since started to create innovative hair experiences with some fantastic Walpole members, including The Berkeley, Chewton Glen and Cowdray.

Why do you love the brand?

I love MONPURE because it embodies a cause close to my heart: transforming haircare into a holistic health discipline. In my eyes, hair is the one big signifier of health and beauty. MONPURE helps thousands of people to regain their confidence and identity through hair. The brand's commitment to combining luxury with genuine hair and scalp health benefits reflects my own values and vision. Pioneering innovative hair experiences across the best luxury spa, hotel, retail and travel channels is hugely exciting.

Why does your brand represent the very best in British luxury?

MONPURE represents the best in British luxury through its meticulous attention to quality, innovation and sustainable practices. We are dedicated to crafting luxurious, scientifically backed treatments that cater to discerning consumers worldwide, emphasising British craftsmanship and cutting-edge research. We’re not sacrificing quality for next season’s sales, and we’re able to think long-term to make the right business and partnership decisions, hopefully for generations to come.

What attracted you to becoming a Walpole member?

I value Walpole's reputation for fostering excellence and innovation among British luxury brands. As a brand that strives to set benchmarks in the beauty, health, and wellness industry, aligning with Walpole’s network of pioneering luxury brands offers significant synergies and opportunities for growth.

If you could collaborate with another Walpole member, which one would you choose?

I would be interested in collaborating with Burberry, particularly to create a luxury line of hair accessories that complement our haircare products. This partnership would blend our commitments to sustainability and luxury, leveraging Burberry’s iconic British design and MONPURE’s innovative hair health expertise.

Tell us about an exciting development or new launch for your brand in the coming months?
We are about to launch a new age-defying haircare product. It features multi-molecular weight hyaluronic acid that target dryness on multiple skin levels. The lowest molecular weight penetrates deeper to moisturise from within, while the higher molecular weight creates a protective moisture barrier on the surface.

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