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Introducing Neill Strain Floral Couture, our latest Walpole member

Learn a little more about our latest Walpole member in our interview with Neill Strain, Founder & Creative Director of eponymous luxury florist, Neill Strain Floral Couture
21st Feb 2024
Welcome to Walpole Introducing Neill Strain Floral Couture, our latest Walpole member

With experience working in film and theatre set design in the UK and abroad, Neill Strain Floral Couture's designs exude creativity, flair and extravagance. The brand harnesses this distinct approach to transform both the local community and international destinations into realms of enchantment.

Learn a little more about our latest addition to the Walpole family in our interview with the company's Founder & Creative Director, Neill Strain.

Neill Strain, Founder & Creative Director, Neill Strain Floral Couture

Walpole: Tell us about the history of your brand…

Neill Strain: Neill Strain Floral Couture was established in 2008, finding its home in the elegant and historic London neighbourhood of Belgravia. Our central location in this affluent area provided the perfect setting to showcase my unique approach to floral couture. From the very beginning our high level of service, utmost discretion, and exceptional attention to detail in creating lavish floral designs that perfectly complement the clients' interior decor, while respecting their personal tastes in flowers and cultural nuances, have earned us their continued loyalty. This distinctive style was influenced by my experiences studying and working abroad, as well as my background in film and theatre set design, which added a touch of theatricality to our creations.

Our commitment to providing impeccable, professional service combined with the highest quality flowers sourced from our champion growers in the Netherlands, and our focus on high design, became the cornerstones of our brand. Our business has grown primarily through word of mouth and repeat business, attracting distinguished local Belgravia residents and ultra-high-net-worth individuals from abroad who own properties in the area.

What is your brand best known for?

Over the past 16 years, Neill Strain Floral Couture has firmly established itself as a brand synonymous with sophistication, excellence, and theatricality in the world of floral couture. We have gained widespread recognition for our lavish designs, as well as our stunning event installations that showcase rare and unique flower varieties. Each arrangement is meticulously crafted and flawlessly presented with an unwavering commitment to each intricate detail. Our unparalleled service of opulence and elegance is accompanied by the belief that flowers have the power to transform any space into a realm of beauty and enchantment. It is our mission to bring this magic to life through our exquisite designs.

What has been a significant achievement in your company’s timeline?

Having dedicated myself to my business for the past 16 years, we have encountered numerous remarkable opportunities and achieved significant milestones. The launch of our concession at Harrods in 2017 stands out to me, as well as the establishment of our third location just off Berkeley Square in Mayfair, London in 2023. We have had the privilege of organising a spectacular event for a longstanding client aboard their superyacht, which happens to be one of the largest in the world.

Why do you love the brand?

One of the many aspects I adore about my brand is witnessing the profound impact our work has on our clients. It is truly gratifying to hear the gasp of excitement from a client as they open the door to receive one of our exquisite bouquets, or to witness the overwhelming emotion captured when a bride takes her first steps into a venue for the long-awaited reveal. Flowers possess a unique ability to communicate in a manner that words simply cannot. It is an absolute privilege to have the opportunity to impact the lives of our clients so positively.

Why does your brand represent the very best in British luxury?

This year marks our 16th anniversary in London. While our business caters to a diverse international clientele and operates on a global scale, our roots remain firmly planted in this vibrant city. We take great pride in actively contributing to the communities in which we operate: our boutiques have become a destination, drawing people near and far to the unique floral experiences we have created. We wholeheartedly embrace the British passion for gardening and actively participate in events such as Belgravia in Bloom

What attracted you to becoming a Walpole member? 

We were drawn to becoming members of Walpole because we believe it represents the epitome of British luxury. As my team has expanded, I personally anticipate dedicating more time away from the business to attend events and seize networking opportunities. This will allow me to forge new and exciting connections with like-minded brands within the Walpole membership, to gain invaluable market insight, and to discover innovative ways to further expand my business.

If you could collaborate with another Walpole member, which one would you choose? 

We are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to meet and collaborate with numerous members of Walpole. Our team has already had the pleasure of meeting the Moriarty Events team, who are renowned for their exceptional event production. Working with them has been a long-standing aspiration of ours, as we share a similar client base, and it feels like a seamless partnership. We are confident that we can bring added value to various other brands within the Walpole network, and we are excited to witness the growth of these relationships.

Tell us about an exciting development or new launch for your brand in the coming months? 

We are currently engaged in several exciting upcoming projects and events, both locally and internationally, with a particular focus on New York and the Middle East. I am excited to introduce the world of Neill Strain Floral Couture to a new market abroad.

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