Love Letters from Britain

Bentley Motors

Luxury is as much about process as the product itself. This century-old luxury car manufacturer is decarbonising its processes with the aim of becoming carbon-neutral. Discover the people pioneering a new image for Bentley, a brand steeped in tradition. The is Bentley's Love Letter from Britain. 
16th Aug 2021
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Love Letters from Britain Bentley Motors

"Bentley is a 101-year-old company, famous for fast cars and luxury mobility. We've always been trailblazers and leaders in what we do. I really hope the work that I'm doing now inspires others to make a change for a more sustainable luxury future."
Alex Quelch-Clife, Decarbonisation Programme Manager, Bentley Motors

Love Letters from Britain is a new series of short documentary-style films uncovering the untold stories the UK’s most innovative luxury brands, produced for Walpole by BBC StoryWorks Commercial Productions and including stories supported by the Great Britain & Northern Ireland campaign.  Please click here to see all the films. 

Bentley Motors: Introducing the new Flying Spur Mulliner


In other Bentley news, the company has just announced the new Flying Spur Mulliner – the ultimate in four-door luxury Grand Touring and Mulliner’s first electrified Bentley. Whether enjoying the technically advanced V6 Hybrid powertrain, the emotional V8 or endless waves of torque from the W12, customers will still benefit from the exquisite detailing offered by the latest Mulliner product.

Revealed at the prestigious Monterey Car Week in California, the elegantly appointed sedan sits at the pinnacle of the Flying Spur family, combining the very finest in modern craftsmanship and breath-taking luxury. The most luxurious Flying Spur to date has been created and developed by Bentley Mulliner and designed, engineered and handcrafted in Great Britain. Taking its place as the flagship of the Bentley range, the new Flying Spur Mulliner will appeal to customers who desire an even greater focus on elegant details.