Love Letters from Britain

The Londoner

The golden age of the grand hotel is returning. A project in the heart of London’s West End is seeking to embody the creative spirit of the area, collaborating with artists and creators in a hotel that will reflect the vibrancy and bright lights of the city it sits in when it opens in September 2021. This is The Londoner's Love Letter to Britain.
1st Aug 2021
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Love Letters from Britain The Londoner

Love Letters from Britain is a new series of short documentary-style films uncovering the untold stories of UK’s most innovative luxury brands, produced for Walpole by BBC StoryWorks commercial productions and including stories supported by the GREAT Britain & Northern Ireland campaign.

Please click here to watch the full series.

To find out more about the The Londoner's involvement in the series, we spoke with Linda Plant, Director of Strategic Relations at Edwardian Hotels.

What was your motivation for taking part in the Love Letters from Britain series?

We were delighted to participate in this exciting project as it encapsulates everything we are as a brand. It was particularly pertinent for us to be involved as we approach the opening of our new flagship property, The Londoner. The Londoner is a hotel that offers stunning architecture and a particularly British interpretation of luxury, from the intricacies of our design to the inspiration behind our concepts. The hotel is also leading the way in re-establishing a luxury presence on Leicester Square, in the heart of the capital. This is an exciting position to take and - as Leicester Square is such a hotspot for international visitors - we feel a strong sense of responsibility to become the face of British luxury hotels to visitors from around the world.

Tell us more about your film and the stories that are being shared? Who features in the film?

Our film is a love letter to the world to say, ‘London is here: it's all under one building, and it's all available for you.’ The Londoner is a new place in an old location and will bring guests a true luxury destination in the heart of the West End. Guests come to Leicester Square from across the world to celebrate best-in-class art, culture, entertainment, and to experience the  bar and restaurant scenes. Every part of the hotel has been curated to mirror this luxury lifestyle.

The film features Charles Oak, director of The Londoner. Charles has over 40 years’ experience in the hospitality sector in London and offers a deep knowledge of the luxury market. Krishima Singh Dear, Head of Design for Edwardian Hotels London, is also part of the film, explaining how the design represents a modern timeless elegance. Rob Steul, Creative Director, and Caroline Rush, Chief Executive at the British Fashion Council, are also part of the film, both expressing their excitement on how the hotel is going to be part of the fabric of London.

What do you think makes British luxury so special?

British luxury is about great craftmanship, elegance, enduring quality and very often involves a subtle aspect of quirkiness and humour that gives it depth and character; all of this makes it unique and best in the world.

How do you see your brand defining a new era for British Luxury?

The Londoner marks the beginning of a rebirth of Leicester Square and the introduction of the world’s first super boutique hotel. We are set to entice both Londoners and the city’s international guests with a staggering 350 rooms, 16 storeys, six concept eateries, a unique members' club, event space, cinema and an entire floor dedicated to wellness. Whilst super in scale, our unique boutique approach and commitment to hospitality offers a tailored experience designed to make each guest feel at home.

The opening of The Londoner will mark a pivotal moment in the return and scale of global hospitality, and we are leading a new era for British luxury. Every part of the hotel has been programmed to celebrate art, culture, entertainment, and several F&B concepts that honour and re-shape the legacy of the West End. The Londoner is bringing a true luxury destination and shaping a new era for London.