Bentley X Walpole | Growth Drivers in British Luxury

25th July, 09:30 - 16:00

Walpole members are invited to an exclusive behind-the-scenes trip to Bentley in Crewe to celebrate Bentley’s centenary year, and to see Bentley’s innovative vision for the future of luxury mobility.

Luxury automotive is one of the great British success stories. Exquisitely designed, impeccably engineered, utterly desirable, British luxury car marques like Bentley inspire undeniable passion in customers all over the world, contributing not only to the country’s reputation, but also to the extraordinary 49% growth the British luxury sector has seen over the last four years.

Yet, over the next 10 years, British luxury car makers like Bentley will see more change than at any time since W.O Bentley founded the company in 1919. From the engines that power our cars, to the way we control them and our attitudes to owning them, technology is changing both what the industry looks like and its business model.

Bentley’s vision of the future is right at the heart of that change, and to mark the centenary of the brand, will showcase its transformative, zero-emissions, concept car, the Bentley EXP 100 GT: a perfect blend of cutting-edge technology and luxury craftsmanship designed to offer a thrilling grand touring experience, whether owner-driven, or being driven autonomously.

Find out what Bentley is doing to future-proof the success of British luxury, and how it’s re-inventing luxury mobility, on 25th July.

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Bentley MotorsCrewe25th July, 09:30