Safeguarding the environment and natural resources is vital to all industries, but resonates particularly with luxury brands given their long-term strategies: the quality raw materials required to manufacture high-end goods and the heirloom quality of luxury pieces, which are designed to last, and are often passed from one generation to the next. In addition, luxury brands and their suppliers frequently have innate links to the environment and their local communities.
To reflect this, Walpole has launched the British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto, a commitment to helping the luxury sector become the global leader in sustainability. Eight sector Working Groups regularly collaborate on four key pillars:
  • The transition to a circular economy
  • Safeguarding natural resources and the environment
  • Increasing sustainable practices
  • Advocating for equal and respectful working conditions
Walpole’s British Luxury Sustainability Manifesto is an ambitious and comprehensive aim to support the British luxury sector in lowering carbon emissions, reducing environmental impacts, and ensuring more sustainable future growth. Since launch, 50 Walpole Members have joined the Founding Signatories in support of the Manifesto, all of whom share an ambition to make the UK’s luxury sector the most sustainable in the world. The Manifesto was produced in association with McKinsey & Co.

Download the Walpole Sustainability Manifesto here
All Walpole brands are invited to become signatories of the Sustainability Manifesto or join our Working Groups, with three simple criteria to be involved:

Endorsement from senior leaders to prioritise sustainability at the highest levels in their businesses

Identify a person in charge of sustainability within the businesses

Promote proactive and transparent communications around sustainability both internally and externally

Read our Sustainability Report

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