Meet the Media with Dylan Jones, Editor-in-Chief of The Evening Standard
Meet the Media

Meet the Media with Dylan Jones, Editor-in-Chief of The Evening Standard

Over breakfast at The Beaumont, Walpole members joined Walpole's Carly von Speyr in conversation with Dylan Jones, Editor-in-Chief of The Evening Standard for our Meet the Media Series (in association with ANM)
15th May 2024

On Wednesday 15th May, Walpole members gathered in the newly opened Munnings Room at The Beaumont hotel for the latest in our Meet the Media series (in association with ANM). After breakfast canapes and coffee, Walpole’s Carly von Speyr was joined in conversation by Dylan Jones, Editor-in-Chief of The Evening Standard to discuss its mission to present news through the lens of London and Londoners – encompassing and encouraging diverse opinions. 

Prior to joining The Evening Standard just under a year ago, Jones served as Editor-in-Chief of British GQ for 22 years. During this time, he evolved British GQ into not only the leading men's publication but an authoritative cultural voice through the GQ Men of the Year Awards. Jones was integral to the success of London Fashion Week Men's, successfully convincing Burberry, Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford to return their shows to London, consolidating the capital as a cultural epicentre. 

“Every city needs its heroes and its faces – mythical and legendary,” Dylan Jones wrote in The Evening Standard earlier that week. In her opening speech to the event, Helen Brocklebank, Walpole CEO said: “Dylan wasn't talking about himself but look, if anyone is a legend on the London scene, it's him. He has chronicled cool in London for as long as I can remember, setting the agenda for all things stylish, creative and happening." 

During the discussion, Jones also spoke about his personal ambitions for the publication as an advocate for London’s cultural landscape, and a campaigner for the interests of British business, while demonstrating his will to support companies who share such priorities. 

Dylan Jones shares five wisdoms on life, London, and luxury

On success: "I gauge The Evening Standard’s success from the response of younger generations, their reaction and their relationship with it. If you're not appealing to young people, you're dead."

On teamwork: "London works when there's a real ecosystem. It's not just the success of Oxford Street, it's not just the success of Savile Row, nor just the success of Bond Street. It's everything."

On brand partnerships: "When dealing in the luxury world, The Evening Standard’s first relationship is with our reader. We might be the tastemakers but our readers have to believe that they have to trust us. We work with the people that we like – the people that we think are good. And we build those relationships."

On press releases: "There is no good press release. The best are short. Better yet, send a personal email. Even better still, pick up the phone and talk to me."

On the relationship between luxury and arts & culture: "You can’t manufacture a cultural moment. But there is something in the water in London: talent. The Evening Standard platforms culture and nurtures upcoming talent – luxury brands too can give space, media and money to support this talent."

Meet the Media is Walpole's event series dedicated to connecting our member brands with top editors, and designed to provide marketeers and press teams with the tips they need to get their brand seen.

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Photos by Colin Dack.