Walpole Business Support Webinar 13 | Virtual Marketing – The New Frontier with Spring Studios **Recording Available**

23rd July

Digital now has a disproportionate impact on the path to purchase – and yet consumers still value the human touch, especially when it comes to luxury. VR experiences provide a unique opportunity to bridge the physical/digital divide, inviting consumers into the heart of the brand to explore, transact and engage. Live-streamed initiatives tap into powerful psychological motivators such as instant gratification, FOMO and suspense and, as a result, are proven to drive higher levels of engagement and conversion.

Join Walpole and Spring Studios as we identify the 10 key ways luxury brands & retailers can leverage the power of VR and live-streaming to pioneer the new frontier of virtual marketing.

Speakers include:

Sally-Anne Limb, Insights Director, Spring Studios
Christianne Hamilton, Head of Strategy, Spring Studios
Anna Gereg, Business Development Director, Spring Studios
Introduction from Helen Brocklebank, CEO, Walpole
Moderated by Charlotte Keesing, Director, Walpole

Watch this webinar now: