Walpole Business Support Webinar 6 | Leadership in a Crisis: Inspiring Teams, Planning the Future **Recording Available**

28th May

Within brands large and small, luxury leaders are traditionally expected to wear several hats and juggle multiple responsibilities even in the best of times. These last few months, a combination of health emergency and economic uncertainty has accentuated the challenges of maintaining personal effectiveness in the face of crisis management. Whilst there can be no single ideal response and ‘best practice’ may be impossible to define, how can leaders, both as individuals, and with their teams, best achieve their goals now, and face up to the new future?

Our guests for this Webinar are Kristina Blahnik, CEO of Manolo Blahnik, and Andy Bird, leadership consultant, coach and author. Andy works with Walpole’s strategic partner Redrice Ventures and the leaders of some of their investee companies. Chris Downham, Co-Chair of Brands of Tomorrow will introduce the speakers.

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This recording is also available to non-members for a small fee, of which we will donate 20% to the NSPCC. Please click here to access the recording.