Beaverbrook Town House
115 Sloane Street
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Beaverbrook Town House

Beaverbrook is a carefully curated collection of two luxury hotels that bring the flamboyant spirit of Lord Beaverbrook to life through unique design, whimsical experiences and heart-warming, five-star service. The Chelsea outpost, Beaverbrook Town House, boasts a prime spot on Sloane Street and presents 14 suites, each styled and named after celebrated London theatres, an exclusive member’s club, a Japanese restaurant and a vibrant bar.  Guests can expect good old-fashioned hospitality and impeccable design by Nicola Harding, within a range of rooms and suites that are brim with carefully curated posters, illustrations, vintage photography, and bespoke written histories, that pay homage to a number of London’s magnificent historic theatres. 

Sir Frank’s Bar, named after creative director for Beaverbrook Sir Frank Lowe, offers a remarkable atmosphere in which to indulge in innovative tipples. Glossy lacquered walls, burnt-umber and berry-bright stained glass marry raspberry-pink seating and leather-lined booths, alongside tables decorated with a patchwork of Japanese matchbox covers, all work together to create a unique space for guests to embrace the good old-fashioned hospitality of days gone by. Dining in The Fuji Grill at the townhouse promises exquisite flavours and traditional Japanese elegance, where a menu of flawless sushi, sashimi and nigiri is presented, surrounded by an impressive collection of 19th-century woodblock prints depicting the world celebrated Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji. Omakase Dining Experiences can be discovered at The Sushi Bar, in an intimate corner of The Fuji Grill, where Sushi Chef Jan Horak will take diners on a journey of flavour as he creates modern Japanese specialties using authentic techniques. The Butterfly Room, named after the collection of exquisite Japanese butterfly prints that line the walls of the space, provides an unforgettable backdrop to meet, greet and get together for those looking to host a private drinks reception, dinner or high-grade business event. 


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